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Community Mural Project 2009
Community Mural Project 2008

October 1 - October 31 2009
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October 10th 2009

The BIG DRAW Visiting Artists

Archive: The BIG DRAW 2008

John Ruskin

As writer on art and architecture, geologist and naturalist, social commentator and environmentalist, John Ruskin’s ideas helped shape the cultural thought of his time.  His life spent in the natural environment of the Lake District of England was of central importance to the development of his work and ideas.   It was this remote and beautiful region which inspired his 'ruling passion' - a love of landscape which encompassed the geology that shaped it and the living things in it, as well as its portrayal in art.*

How to Participate:
John Ruskin

The Campaign for Drawing and the annual The BIG DRAW was launched in the UK in 2000 by the Guild of St George, a small charity founded by John Ruskin in 1871.  He set up the Guild to promote and assist the liberal education of artisans. The Guild initiated the Campaign to celebrate Ruskin’s centenary by promoting his belief that drawing is a key to understanding and knowledge.


For Ruskin, drawing was a powerful tool in learning to see and understand, probe, respond and express.  His Elements of Drawing, written in 1856/57 is still read by artists as a fresh and relevant guide to seeing and drawing.

(Elements of Drawing pdf )  http://ruskinhistory.org/RuskinArt.htm


For more about John Ruskin & Ruskin Florida:  http://ruskinhistory.org

 On John Ruskin: http://www.ruskinartclub.org/johnruskin.htm
John Ruskin

*www.lancs.ac.uk/users/ ruskinlib/Pages/lakes.htm
Ruskin Library, Lancaster University

Text paraphrased: Ruskin and the Lake District exhibition catalogue. Exhibition organized and catalogue written by Clair Wildsmith